Sebol s.r.o.

Accomodation in Nitra

Long term stay

Main house rules:

  1. 1. Every month must be payed with five days of anticipation. Fine for every daelayed payment is 3 EUR per day (The house may accept delayed paid with hout fine if it is announced with anicipation).
  2. 2. When the contract is signed it must be paid a deposit equivalent to 1.5 rate per month. Deposit will be returned when the contract ends and all mobiliary is ok.
  3. 3. The contract has a minimal duration of three months. After three months, if the guest want to end the contract, he must advice usone month before he wants to leave the house.
  4. 4. Lost of key room is 100€ and gate 150€.
  5. 5. Night time peace from 22.00 to 6.00. During this time, visits are forbiden! If a visit want to stay, he must pay the fee and must have the agrreement of owners and other guests in the room.